Brief Summary on The Shack Forum Response

Brief Summary on The Shack Forum Response Prepare a 250+ word response (based on one of the following: Chapter 13 – 18, After Words)

Directions and Format for preparing Shack Responses

Brief Summary on The Shack Forum Response
Brief Summary on The Shack Forum Response

Please use the MLA Format for the form of your paper.

Refer to chapters 29 and 30 in your textbook for the general format.

Below are important items to include.

First-page header:

On left side of page one, include: Shack #3 Response

And the chapter number and title which you chose

Running Headers:

Include runner headers on top right side of each page of your paper.

Title: Create an original title for each Shack Forum Response that reflects the content of your writing.

Paragraph 1: Briefly summarize the major action/ideas of the chapter and tell why you chose this particular chapter.

Paragraph 2: For each of the four Shack Responses, identify and describe at least one literary term (e.g., point of view, character, theme, conflict) and one literary theory (e.g., formalism, reader response theory, psychoanalytic criticism) in My Literature Lab (or your textbook or other sources) that help you to better understand the selection you have chosen. Cite your sources for the usage of these literary tools and give examples from your reading. Please bold the terms you use in this paragraph. Vary your terms and theories from response to response.

*See below for My Literature Lab guide.

Paragraph 3: ìQuestionî the author and make predictions. Be sure to describe personal connections you have to this chapter (experiential, emotional, etc.)., thus, aiding in your understanding and interpretation of the materials (refer to MLL: Reading Response Theory).

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