Business Report SFSU Gets a Lyft or Uber

Business Report SFSU Gets a Lyft or Uber This report will include: Title page, four pages of text and a References page ñ for a minimum total of SIX pages. No maximum limit.

Read the Prompt!!! —Business Report: SFSU Gets a Lyft or Uber.

Business Report SFSU Gets a Lyft or Uber
Business Report SFSU Gets a Lyft or Uber

There must be a minimum of four sources with an authorís name APA style only !!!!

Ï You will be writing an analysis/evaluation report on Lyft & Uber. This report will be written for the SFSU CARS Committee members and President Wong. SFSU is determined to make an offer to create a partnership with only one of these companies, and you must evaluate and decide which company it should be and justify your recommendations.

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