Calculation application Essay Assignment

Calculation application
Calculation application

Calculation application

Assignment Description:

Review the test findings from Week 8 based on testing the parking lot calculation application located at
Re-test the application if needed.
Formally document any defects or failures you found in an incident report. Include at least 5 defects in your incident report. At minimum, include the following information within your report for each defect or failure.

Defect summary
Incident description (expected results, actual results, what you entered, date/time)

Priority or severity
Steps followed to create/recreate issue
Include error descriptions/messages, if appropriate
Provide screen prints as needed
Calculate and report basic testing metrics to help provide a feel for the status of your testing efforts, health of the software being tested, and effectiveness of your testing efforts. At minimum, include:

Total Defects (overall measure of software quality)

Test case testing ratio (indication of testing status) è Test cases tested / total test cases

Failure Rate è # failures per unit of time (usually # failures per hour)

Defect Density (measure of software quality) è total # defects / # test cases completed

Critical Bug Detection Rate (measures testing effectiveness; testing resources should be focused on finding the highest risk defects) è # high priority bugs / # total bugs *

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