Capability of a Master Artist During the Renaissance

Capability of a Master Artist During the Renaissance Content Requirements In Chapter 5, Lewis & Lewis writes, “Our museums devote more space to paint than any other art form.

Capability of a Master Artist During the Renaissance
Capability of a Master Artist During the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, there was a great deal of discussion about whether a painting was the highest of the arts.” Consider this in light of the words (p. 84) of Leonardo da Vinci:

“If the painter wishes to see enchanting beauties, he has the power to produce them. If he wishes to see monstrosities, he has the power and authority to create them… if in the hot season he wants cool and shady places, or in the cold season warm places, he can make them… Indeed whatever exists in the universe, whether in essence, an actor in the imagination, the painter has first in his mind and then in his hands.”

Now, read Ephesians 3:20 in The Message Bible.

If you had the capability of a Master Artist and could paint a picture of your life, what would it look like? Using descriptive language, sensory imagery, and broad-sweeping strokes of rich text, paint a picture in our minds of that painting.

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