Capstone Change Project Outcomes Handwashing intervention

Capstone Change Project Outcomes Handwashing intervention

Capstone Change Project Outcomes

Handwashing intervention provides an opportunity for improving hygiene and good practices in promoting infection control within the healthcare environments. The development of measurable objectives enhances the realization of handwashing intervention in reducing hospital-acquired infections.

First objective

Comparing the number of hospital-acquired infections before and after the intervention would provide a basis for measuring its intended outcome. According to Haverstick et al. (2017), determining the effect of handwashing intervention in hospitals on the number of infection rates is a critical indicator and an evidence-based practice to evaluating its effectiveness relating to new infections in hospitals. The assessment of hospital-acquired infections over the implementation period would form a basis for either sustaining or avoiding its adoption within healthcare institutions.

Second objective

The determination of compliance within the healthcare environment is a measurable outcome for handwashing across different hospital care departments. While considering the need to reduce the length of hospital stay, the level of compliance among the healthcare workers and patients would provide an effective correlation to the impacts of the handwashing intervention (RN et al., 2017).


Third objective

The third objective would focus on appraising the number of healthcare institutions reporting improved knowledge on handwashing over the period of handwashing intervention. Healthcare reporting provides a basis for realizing patient understanding of the underlying problem, focusing on implementing appropriate evidence-based guidelines for its sustainability (Watson et al., 2019). The collaborative efforts in the inclusion of healthcare workers in the program intervention provide a basis for realizing measurable outputs relating to handwashing interventions.

Fourth objective

The fourth objective would compare handwashing intervention’s impacts compared to other control measures in reducing hospital-acquired infections. Additionally, control measures to reduce healthcare infections provide a variable perspective towards adopting handwashing with the multiplicity of interventions providing a basis for comparison (Al-Ansary et al., 2020). Thus, the intervention will establish the effectiveness of handwashing intervention compared to other interventions.


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