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Case Analysis

Laws and regulations are essential components of the business environment. The tools see to it that all parties in business interaction receive what they deserve. The business environment also requires the law when solving conflicts that arise between parties. Laws vary in their functionality, with some aiming at protecting consumers, and others pursuing the maintenance of fair trading systems. The Consumer Protection Act, for instance, minimizes the occurrence of consumer complaints by stating the guidelines that business operators should follow (Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, 2015).


The plaintiff challenged the defendant’s mandate of expanding Medicaid insurance coverage (National Federation of Independent Businesses vs. Secretary of Health and Human Services, 2012). Medicaid program was an initiative of the federal government that aimed at offering health insurance to the citizens. Later, the government developed the Affordable Care Act to offer a broader coverage than the Medicaid. People who failed to comply with the new plan had to make shared payments as a responsibility. The Act stated that non-compliant parties would pay a tax of five thousand dollars as a penalty.

The plaintiff disagreed with the defendant on the description of the payment that the non-compliant parties paid. The plaintiff felt that the “penalty” nature of the payment could present a collision between the new policy and the Anti-Injunction Act. The plaintiff also argued that the payment that the defendant charged the non-compliant parties was exaggerated, and could leave no other alternatives for the parties, but to buy the policy.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the defendant stating that the government had the right to impose the tax on parties who failed to comply with the plan. The court also ruled that the tax that the government charged non-compliant parties was within a reasonable amount and its collection was lawful. However, the court warned that the collection of the revenue had to satisfy the requirements of the Direct Tax Clause. The jury also made it apparent that the Anti-Injunction Act did not hinder the plan from taking its course.

An Evaluation of Concepts

Various factors influence decision-making on judgments concerning business issues. When making decisions, judges rely on their past experiences, logic, statutory laws, as well as the constitution. It is through logical reasoning that judges assess the importance of opposing decisions. Settling on a particular answer when making decisions on business matters also involves aspects such as in-depth evaluations.

There were a several dissenting opinions that presented in the determination of the case. Three of the nine judges found the expanded form of Medicaid, the ACA, to be out of the constitutional boundaries. The three felt that states faced an unconstitutional threat if they failed to comply with the plan. Also, the jury had different opinions regarding the role of the Congress in regulating the implementation of the new scheme.

The ruling of the court on the issue was reasonable and justifiable. Though the questionable plan commanded rather than requested parties to enroll in it, the move was necessary for ensuring that people exploited the chance hence making it easier to coordinate insurance care. Again, the plan did not violate the provisions of the Consumer Clause as it aimed at promoting the well-being of its subjects. The court also made a reasonable decision by requiring the Congress not to pressure the states to implement the plan. Such an action by the Congress could amount to the violation of the federal provisions.


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