Case Study Report Mitchells Butlers

Case Study Report Mitchells Butlers You are to select a company “Mitchell’s&butlers” for a Case Study Report.

Case Study Report Mitchells Butlers
Case Study Report Mitchells Butlers

The task is to address steps ‘a’ to ‘c’. Steps: a)The report is to focus on three specific issues namely: • Strategic Analysis; • Strategic Choice; • Strategic Implementation/evaluation. b)Business strategy should be viewed from: • a historical perspective; • current strategies; • strategies for incremental and/or discontinuous change; c)The report is to incorporate themes purported by the following academics: Prahalad (2010, p.32) observed that ‘…most executives believe it’s tough to identify breakthrough opportunities’. Prahalad continued to elaborate by commenting ‘…several are pretty obvious; Peter Drucker once said that the best opportunities are “visible, but not seen” (Prahalad 2009, 2010). Conversely, ‘the nature and extent of 4 For information only – this document does not form part of the student contract competences required by a firm to perform competitively is not static (Turner and Crawford 1995, p.243). Notably, ‘…at any future time… [a firm] …will need a set of competencies appropriate and relevant to the strategy, operations and circumstances of that time’ (Turner and Crawford 1995, p.243); and moreover, by giving a clear strategic focus to the challenges of innovation and disruptive technologies (e.g. Christensen, Raynor and MacDonald, 2015). Source: Christensen. C.M, Rayor. M and MacDonald. R. (2015) Disruptive Innovation? Harvard Business Review. December. (93)12, p.44-53. Prahalad, C. K (2010). Best Practices Get You Only So Far. Harvard Business Review. April. p.32. Prahalad, C.K. (2009), “Visible but not seen: the genius of Peter Drucker”, paper presented at the 1st Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna, 19-20 November. Turner. D. and Crawford. M. (1995). Managing current and future competitive performance: the role of competence. In: Hamel. G. and Heene. A. (1995). Competence-Based Competition. London: Wiley. The report needs to be supported; using reliable data (i.e. theory is to be compared with practice). Research needs to go beyond the above-cited papers.

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