CBU Writing Centre

1. Read Chapters 4, 5 and 6
2. Choose a Topic from one of the Chapters
3. Find four examples of research to describe, support OR refute the topic.
1. One must be a scholarly article
2. One must be a trade journal or website
3. One must be an opinion or news source
4. One must be a popular information source.
4. All examples must be within the last two years.
5. Ensure your course number and section, your name and ID number are all on the title page.
6. You must use APA or MLA format but CHECK SPELLING AND GRAMMAR.
7. No More than 10 pages including cover page. No less than six pages. Not including graphs or images.
8. Describe the sources and how they relate to the topic.
9. Times New Roman 12 pt font.
10. Topics must be chosen and submitted to me with examples of possible research sources in a one page summary by Tuesday September 24th in class. No
electronic submissions of your topic summaries will be accepted.
– Be familiar with CBU??s plagiarism policy and follow it precisely.
– Explore and utilize the CBU Writing Centre for assistance.
– Explore and utilize the services of the CBU Library.
– All submissions must be typed.
– Electronic submissions are not accepted.
– Late submissions will be subject to a grade penalty of two points per day.
NOTE: You have plenty of time to work on this project – there will be no extensions.

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