CHAPTER Evaluation and Behavior Change Proposal

CHAPTER Evaluation and Behavior Change Proposal
CHAPTER Evaluation and Behavior Change Proposal

CHAPTER Evaluation and Behavior Change Proposal PROJECT

Important point: 75 points for 750 words: includes both parts: evaluation and proposal. I have added an updated Behavior Change form (see below).

SIMPLIFICATION: Select a chapter in the text which may be of greatest value or interest to you academically, professionally or personally.

The entire project is 750 words (3 pages) for the body. The final part of the project is your learning to use the Operant Behavior Change template so that you can set powerful goals using the reward and consequence method which supports learning and empowers the goals.

Directions: Read the selected chapter and consider taking that Chapter Quiz since you will have studied it.

Cover page using either MLA or APA which is primarily name, course name and number, semester, and I require a word count of the body of the paper only. 5 points

Body: A 750 word minimum is required to earn an A, which is the equivalent of 3 pages, not counting the cover page or Reference information (the text). Points will be deducted for not meeting minimum requirement. Double space only; use margins that are 1 1/2″ from top on first page and 1″ around on other margins. Number pages. No bolding please, use recommended fonts and not to exceed 12 font unless it is smaller, then 14.

Research: To balance a predominately “personal, subjective” evaluation, you are required to use three citations by using data from the text followed by a citation. It can be as simple as (Psychology, p. 323 or Section 1.3), depending on the format of the text. Otherwise, it is considered plagiarism. Each citation is worth 5 points.Please, do not just outline the chapter. My focus in this paper is your personal relationship with the material. The data is a focus for you to share your own examples, experience, or comments. Please discuss how you may have or have not used this knowledge in the past and how you are going to apply it in the present and future, personally, academically and professionally. 35 points

HEART OF THE EVALUATION: Behavior Change Proposal: The conclusion of the body of the paper will include your creating a ‘behavior change proposal’ which you plan to implement but are not required to due to the time constraints for the class. Use this format: Behavior Change Proposal.Preview the document in which you will explain fully how you plan to design this program. Consider whether you thrive more from rewards or consequences from the results of the Sensitivity inventory 30 points
Reference: The only reference required is the e-book, however, or it is considered plagiarism if you use do not give credit to the source. You don’t need a separate reference page if you are using one source since this is a brief paper. 5 points

Note: I am an encourager of student excellence and reward student’s involvement in the material, if so inspired with additional points. I see your discussions and written assignments as an opportunity to provide personalized feedback and interact with you in a more independent study style. My guidelines are the minimum requirements for an A; you may develop this as deeply as you desire; I provide bonus points for deeper involvement.

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