Charities Impact on Environment Protection

Charities Impact on Environment Protection What is the public policy?
What is the purpose behind the policy?

Charities Impact on Environment Protection
Charities Impact on Environment Protection

What is the issue with the policy?
Who are the stakeholders connected to this issue?
What are the impacts that occurred making it an issue to analyze?
Is this issue too broad and needs to be narrowed down?
BGS Model Relationship Interpretation
Knowing that Business, Government and Society is impacted by this issue:
What is the BGS model that best represents the relationship?
Why is this model the best representation?
Historical Observation of Environment and Power
What is the environment surrounding this public policy issue?
What internal or external environments are impacted?
Who has power in this issue?
How does power affect this issue?
Social Responsibility Implications
What elements of social responsibility surface in this issue?
Is there a positive or negative connection to social responsibility?
Can you identify any norms, principles, codes of conduct, standards, etc?
Ethical Implications
Is there a specific principle of ethical conduct you see within the issue?
How does ethics affect the stakeholders connected to the issue?
National and International Observations
How does this policy broadly affect the United States?
How does this policy broadly affect international entities?
Diversity Related Observations
How is the policy issue affected by diversity (demographics, basic rights, etc)?
Overall Critiques and Discussion
What are your thoughts about the public policy issue?
Do you have potential solutions?
Can you think of potential barriers?

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