Chemistry in Our Lives, Math Research Paper

Chemistry in Our Lives, Math
Chemistry in Our Lives, Math

Chemistry in Our Lives, Math

Chemistry in Our Lives, Math

Module 1: Chemistry in Our Lives, Math Skills, and Measurements

This week, in Module 1, you are learning about SI units used in measurements. Many of you have, no doubt, used these in a science class before or even on the job. Explain two of these units and how they could be utilized in the healthcare field.

Respond to at least two other discussion posts by adding other examples of how the unit they chose could be used in healthcare. Refer to the text and past experiences as you provide evidence to support your response and the responses of your peers.

I highly encourage you to visit NIST website to learn more about history of SI units:

Chapters 1 & 2 in Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry


‘Noise thermometry’ yields accurate new measurements of boltzmann constant. (2017, Jul 03). R & D, Retrieved from
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Timberlake, K. (2015). Mastering chemistry with Pearson eText for chemistry: An introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

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