Child Labor In fashion Industry Peer Reviewed Article

Child Labor In fashion Industry Peer Reviewed Article Description-All articles from a peer-reviewed and/or scholarly source

Child Labor In fashion Industry Peer Reviewed Article
Child Labor In fashion Industry Peer Reviewed Article

-20 or more articles used in the literature review

-Correctly formatted with 1″ margins, 12 size font. Headings used appropriately. Body of paper and any cover pages and/or appendices numbered appropriately. Instructions for submission of digital and paper copy followed correctly.

-All claims, supporting literature, quotes, images etc are cited using APA format. All sources referenced on separate reference page using APA format.

-Well-written, active voice, objective terms, the professional voice used. Words spelled correctly and sentences are grammatically correct. Logical flow from section to section, transitions used effectively. Evidence that paper has been proof-read and edited multiple times.

-Research purpose and research question clearly stated, using objective language, and appropriate terminology. The purpose is clearly communicated in the introduction, and the research question is clearly communicated at the closure of the introduction.

-Engages and “hooks” reader. Demonstrates merit/impact of research, gives a succinct overview of paper topics and guides the reader to specific research purpose and question. Previews format and content of the paper. Supporting literature cited appropriately and condensed into broad categories.

-Relevant and supporting academic literature is organized into broad categories, with specific sections and sub-sections if needed. Single-focused paragraphs. Supporting images/tables/figures used appropriately to effectively communicate theory/construct/concept/model. Key terms are defined using clear and objective language. Literature review guides the reader to specific research purpose and question (start broad and narrow down).

-Appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative methodology selected, with supporting literature cited to provide background and reasoning for choosing the method. The methodology is described using appropriate terminology and is capable of measuring or answering the research question. Variables are clearly stated and clearly defined. Target population, sample frame, and sampling method are clearly described. The reasoning for the method clearly described.

-Succinctly and engagingly restates main points from the literature review and methodology sections. Reflects introduction section, and states research purpose and question.

-Appropriate instrument selected for methodology and research question/hypothesis. The instrument will be able to collect data relevant to the research question/hypothesis. Independent and dependent variables assessed logically and clearly. The instrument has little to no extraneous variables or data collected.


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