Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment

Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment PART 1 (500 words)

Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment
Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment

1) First, at the top of your entry, include a direct quotation from, Harriet Jacobs “Childhood” read pages 910 – 913. Use this link to access the text (!/7509). The quotation must be in quotation marks and cited with the author’s name and the page number at the end.

Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment

2) Summarize what you believe the author is trying to say in a short paragraph of 3-to-5 sentences.

3) Write at least one long paragraph of 7-to-10 sentences (or a series of paragraphs) that addresses what you think is memorable or important about the passage. Please do not short cut this portion; this should be the longest part of the assignment

4) End your posting with an MLA Works Cited entry for the text that you’ve used. The format below is known as the “Work from an Anthology Format.” Use this when you are referencing a single section of writing from a book that collects many different selections (as is the case with our anthology).

Bradford, William. “Of Plymouth Plantation.” The Norton Anthology of American

Literature, edited by Robert S. Levine et al., 9th ed., vol. A, Norton, 2017, pp. 132-167.

Childhood Assignment Posting and Comment

PART 2 (150 words)

1) For your Comment, you will need to react to the document titled “” your comment must be 150 words or more. You are free to write about anything in their entry at all—you can respond to the quote they’ve chosen, their summary of it in their own words, or their overall reaction. Be sure to maintain a polite tone and to keep in mind that you are commenting on someone else’s work.

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