Choice Hotels International Company Overview

Choice Hotels International Company Overview Company Overview and Mission/Vision
Identify the firm’s existing Mission/Vision Statement

Choice Hotels International Company Overview
Company Overview

(Minimum 2 Pages)
What items may be missing from either?
What are the most effective elements (and why)
What are the shortcomings (and why).
What specific changes would you make to make this statement of mission/vision more effective?
Identify and discuss the firm’s business, and the risks they have identified in their Annual Report. (Minimum 4 pages )
Read through the Annual Report and other available information on the company’s website or press releases.
What is this company’s business (or businesses)? How do they make money?
How well is the company performing (what is important to them, what are they talking about in the annual report)
List and discuss 5 of the risks they have discussed in their annual report.
What is the risk.
How is the company responding to this risk.
If the company is not indicating they are responding to a risk, discuss how YOU would respond to the risk if you owned this company.
Project Choice Hotels International Company Overview Requirements:
All sections must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word Document via TURNITIN.
To the extent charts, graphs or spreadsheets are incorporated, they must be included in the Word Document.
The text of all sections must be in MLA format, double spaced, 12 Point Font, Margins 1.5 inches on each side.
You must include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper
At least 80% of your work must be ORIGINAL (your words).
View your project as a product that must have some competitive factor to favorably differentiate it from the projects of other students. Choice Hotels International Company Overview
Develop the mind-set of “why”, continually questioning your own and others assumptions and assertions. Do not simply accept what the company says. Choice Hotels International Company Overview
A goal of this project is to improve your ability to think clearly in ambiguous and confusing situations; do not get frustrated that there is no single best answer.
Do not confuse symptoms with causes; do not develop conclusions and solutions prematurely; recognize that information may be misleading, conflicting, or wrong.
Work hard to develop the ability to formulate reasonable, consistent, and creative plans, put yourself in the strategists position.
Do not forget that the objective is to learn; explore areas with which you are not familiar.
Pay attention to detail. Choice Hotels International Company Overview
Provide answers to such fundamental questions as what, when, where, why, who and how.
Do not merely recite ratios or present figures. Rather, develop ideas and conclusions concerning the possible trends. Choice Hotels International Company Overview
Your project should be as detailed and specific as possible, but also to the point. Choice Hotels International Company Overview

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