Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War

Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War Order Instructions: Common Assignment Instructions
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Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War
Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War

Below you will find a file uploaded with an overview of the assignment, but the basic plan is that you need to use the library database ( to find an article about a topic of your choosing from the Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War (1950-1989) and you need to critically analyze the chosen article. Please be thoughtful in your selection, do not just choose the first one that you find! Consider the page length of the article (I would recommend between 8-15 pages to ensure there is enough material to write about but not too much to read), topic (try to use something that you actually find interesting!), and availability (Make sure you search for articles available online in full text, so you don’t find an abstract but no article to go with it). Be sure you do not select a Book Review – you cannot review someone else’s review!

If you have problems accessing the library databases, please use the library contact information because they can ensure that you have access from off-campus. Also, the librarians can often help you find good articles as well so feel free to take advantage of their assistance if you have trouble!

I have posted the overview below so read on for the details of the assignment! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Common Assignment Instructions

I. Reading Selection:

Select an article/monograph pertaining to the historical period covered in this course from a scholarly historical periodical from the San Jacinto College Library System (either in print or through a database.)

II. Preparation of Article Analysis:

A. Content

1. Thesis – Explain the topic of the article as well as the author’s main argument or focus.

2. Evidence – Analyze the evidence that the author uses to support his/her thesis. Does the evidence support his/her thesis? (Please identify any primary sources used.) What qualifications does the author have that make him/her qualified to write on the subject?

3. Conclusion – Provide comments and/or criticisms of the work. Read and comment on one or two contrary perspectives on the topic (one must be primary.) How does this issue affect your world today and does is change your outlook in any way or push you toward any action?

B. Style

1. Typewritten, Double-Spaced on Letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Plain White Paper. Font Size must be Times New Roman 12 point

2. Length -300 words minimum (1-2 pages)

3. Format – Put your name in the upper right-hand corner. Centered at the top of the paper, place the correct Chicago Manual of Style citation for the work. (Parenthetical citation)

San Jacinto Library Article Databases
Use this link to access the library databases. A few tips:

1. Use databases from the “History” tab to ensure good options

2. While you can select any of the databases, the History Reference Center is a great place to start

3. When you search, try to limit your searches to “full text” to make sure you get the whole article

4. Remember, you cannot use a review so make sure you find a full article, not a Book Review

5. Make sure you provide a citation for your article at the end of your article analysis!

Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War Sample Answer

The article Is There a New Cold War? by Stefan, Kiesbye tries to shed light on the likelihood of re-emergence of another cold war. First, logic would dictate that since the USSR and the USA fought as allies during World War II, they would have a strong and friendly relationship. However, this never happened and any imagination that these two superpowers were friendly during WW II is illusory. After WW II, these superpowers had a clash of different ideologies and beliefs especially on communism and capitalism. Both sides vied for international dominance by exploiting every available opportunity for expansion anywhere in the world. However, in 1991 USSR was dissolved to its constituent republics, the Iron curtain got lifted and the cold war was brought to an end. However, recently concerns have been raised on whether in deed the cold war came to an end or if a new one is brewing up.

STEFAN (2010) advances his argument that cold war still exists by giving a number of examples. For instance, he quotes the repercussions of the Georgia-Russia conflict of August 2008 where Georgia was accused by Russia of aggression against South Ossetia. Russia then introduced large-scale air, land, and sea attack on Georgia. The president of the United States intervened and accused Russia of attacking a sovereign state an act that endangers the democratic government that is elected by the people. Consequently, US sent humanitarian aid to Georgia on military aircraft, this was not received well by the Russians. STEFAN, (2010) also points out that the two states have also had disagreements especially on the installation of an American missile shield in Europe, NATO membership as well as the war in Syria where President Putin supports the Syrian president, Assad while the United States does not support how he runs the country. This has also created a conflict between the superpowers. The evidence provided in the article supports the thesis.

The article comprehensively examines the conflicts and rivalries between the United States and other countries. It also focuses specifically on how current events in the world affect Russia and the United States and the potential to spark the war. I find the issue of re-emergence of cold war quite scary. This is because it has the potential of resulting in World War III, an event that I will not like to experience on earth. I feel that the two superpowers should not come up with an amicable solution to their differences so that they can foster and prevent people from living with fthe ear of another world war.

Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War Reference

STEFAN, K. (Ed.). (2010). Is There a New Cold War?. Greenhaven press, ББК: Т3 (7США) 64-64 (2Р) я43 Т3 (2Р) 64-643 (7США) я43.

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