Classification of Offenders Essay Assignment

Classification of Offenders
Classification of Offenders

Classification of Offenders


Share the topic you are researching for the Unit 2 Assignment ( Classification of Offenders) and why you chose this topic. In the same post, highlight a minimum of three resources you have researched on your topic and provide a short annotated bibliography for each.

The minimum expectation is that you will post one original substantive posting and at least two substantive posts in response to your classmates’ posts which further the discussion.

Generally speaking, a substantive response is one which shows that you have carefully considered and thought about the topic(s) and/or position taken by a classmate in the Discussion.

Substantive posts contain mostly the original words, thoughts, and analysis of the author. Use APA format for all references in your annotated bibliography.

Please use sources:


Cohen, T., Lowenkamp, C., & VanBenschoten, S. (2016). Does Change in Risk Matter?. Criminology & Public Policy, 15(2), 263-296.

Cohen, T. H., Cook, D., & Lowenkamp, C. T. (2016). The Supervision of Low-Risk Federal Offenders: How the Low-Risk Policy Has Changed Federal Supervision Practices with Compromising Community Safety. Fed. Probation, 80, 3.

McCallum, K., Boccaccini, M., & Bryson, C. (2017). The Influence of Risk Assessment Instrument Scores on Evaluators’ Risk Opinions and Sexual Offender Containment Recommendations. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 44(9), 1213-1235.

Ticknor, B., & Warner, J. (2018). Evaluating the Accuracy of SORNA: Testing for Classification Errors and Racial Bias. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 1-19.

Travis, L., & Edwards, B. (2014). Introduction to Criminal Justice (8th ed.). Waltham, MA: Anderson Publishing.

Zgoba, K., Miner, M., Levenson, J., Knight, R., Letourneau, E., & Thornton, D. (2016). The Adam Walsh Act. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 28(8), 722-740.

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