Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning, to what extent do you agree? A classroom is a room, in which a group of students are taught.

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning
Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning

Classrooms could be anywhere in which education is taught, such as universities, schools, learning centers or colleges. Classrooms can range from a small group of 5 to a very large group containing hundreds of people. Studies in classrooms comes as the conventional method of learning that has been in practice for centuries (BOISESTATE, 2013).

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning

A lot of people in the modern world question whether classroom studying is the most effective way of learning. Due to the rise of technology and the introduction of E-learning, classroom studying started to lack popularity. Classroom studying is the best and most effective way of studying, regardless of the technology developed. Studying in a classroom is mostly what schools and universities contribute to in order for the student to interact with other students and learn more with the help of teachers. There are many reasons of why classroom studying is effective.
When studying in a classroom, you are surrounded by your friends. If you’re with your friends, you could ask for help whenever you feel stuck or lost. Your
friends often highlight your qualities and help you become a better person. This allows you to feel confident about your potential and pursue goals that can result in success. (Revilla, 2013). Friends can provide some words of advice and encouragement whenever you are dealing with a setback. When you are facing some problems with your work at the classroom, you can seek the aid of your friends, not only to help you with your studies but receive a word of advice and

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning

This definitely helps in creating a good and positive mood around the classroom Building relationships with students is one of the many reasons that makes classroom studying an effective way of learning, due to the amount of help and support you could receive.
The atmosphere in class is very suitable for studying and learning successfully. With the teacher explaining and engaging in a discussion with the students,
a person would be fully focused with his studies and it’ll help everyone focus. Students learn best in student-centered classrooms where they are actively
involved not only with the subject but also with their classmates and their teachers (University of Delaware, 2013). In a classroom with the presence of both
classmates and teacher, the environment is very suitable for a student to study. As students interact with the instructor and with each other, students
receive opportunities to practice group dynamics, cooperative activities and teamwork. (Bakilana, 2012). All the people sitting in one room have the same
objective which is learning, discussing and understanding the same topic and subject.

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning

The presence of the teacher greatly affects the performance of the student while studying in a classroom Not only does the teacher help you with your studies but also provides you with some advice in order for you to succeed with your studies. A teacher provides classwork for his students to ensure the students
understand the work they are doing. Whenever a student feels uncomfortable with his work or doesn’t know what he is doing, he could easily seek the teacher’s help, unlike studying at home, where you are alone and dependent on yourself. A qualified and talented instructors insight, knowledge, flexibility and
leadership are what makes a class great. (Tittel, 2013)
Classroom mode of learning and education is the most interactive form of education. Teachers and students get to interact directly. Real time interaction may
enable resolving any issue which is unclear during the class interaction. The idea that interaction could and should take place in the classroom became more
and more popular especially in second or foreign language classroom. It selves an opportunity to build interpersonal skills (CHANDLER, 2012).

Classroom Study is the Most Effective way of Learning and Interaction

Interaction in classrooms greatly improves communication and social skills between students. The concept of classroom interaction plays a significant role in the process of second language learning due to the social and interactive activities.
Classroom learning has been termed as a multiple sensors interaction process due to the usage of ears, eyes and tongue. The need of your tongue to speak,
eyes to see and ears to hear what the teacher is explaining, in contrast to other forms of learning such as online and distant learning. NASPAA conducted
surveys in this regard to assess the overall impact of conventional form of education and online learning (Ni, 2004).
In conclusion, classroom education has many more advantages compared to the other means of learning.

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