Climate Action in the presence of free riders

Climate Action in the presence of free riders
Climate Action in the presence of free riders

Public Economics – Climate Action in the presence of free riders

I already have the report. But, it needs to be rewritten. I need solid and supported economic arguments in terms of taxes, subsidies, economic incentives, exchange rates, exports, imports, production and carbon leakages, etc. Also, the paper needs a strong thesis statement, improved grammar, and wording. Overall, the paper needs an economic perspective and economic discussion.

I also want a PPT, which is just the summary of the paper and have a ?few slides. Please read the details before offering a price. Please make sure that your price includes the revision of the report and the PPT.

Topic: Climate action in the presence of free-riders:
Does it make sense for Canada to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate
Change when other countries, notably the United States, have reneged on their commitments?
Won’t this lead to extensive carbon leakage? What are the options?


  • Critically review 8-12 academic research papers on a common theme.
  •  Organize the paper with reference to a research question. In other words, what is the problem the researchers are seeking to solve? How have they addressed the question (what methods)? What has been learned so far? What is still unknown? Why is this question important? What suggestions can you make for further research?
  • Bibliography: After selecting your topic, you should start assembling your bibliography (the papers you are going to discuss).

– a succinct statement (one or two sentences) which expresses the author’s point of view or
main argument
– alternatively one may think of the thesis as the conclusion of the paper stated at the outset –
i.e. that which is to be proven
– the thesis is the statement which “governs” the rest of the paper

– introduces the topic
– states the thesis
– gives an overview of the paper

– summarizes what has been discussed in the paper
– draws together the arguments in the paper into a number of succinct conclusions
– restates the thesis and shows how it has been supported by the body of the paper, the
conclusions, etc.

– adequate coverage of the relevant literature; i.e. are the number of references adequate for the
– content is often (although not always) reflected in the length of the paper; a student who has
not read enough usually does not have enough material to meet the minimum requirements
for length

– relevance: it is important that the works cited be relevant to the thesis; i.e. no padding of
bibliographies with irrelevant references!

– analysis involves a critical discussion and evaluation of the material the student has read
– i.e. has the student simply summarized material he/she has read, or has he/she also provided
an assessment of the material through thoughtful, informed evaluation and criticism?

– all papers involve a certain degree of summarizing other peoples’ works, so that the reader
understands the intellectual debate to which the writer is responding
– in addition, other peoples’ works provide a useful source of factual information and
– it is important to present other peoples’ works accurately

– an effective paper must be organized into broad categories, according to main ideas
– each main idea is represented by a separate paragraph
– the main idea of a paragraph is expressed succinctly in a topic sentence (i.e. just as the thesis
is to the whole paper, so the topic sentence is to the paragraph)
– the use of strong topic sentences and distinct paragraphs helps the reader follow the train of
thought and organize the material mentally as he/she reads
– without topic sentences and strong paragraphs, a paper will ramble

– it is essential to distinguish what is your material in a paper and what is someone else’s
– direct quotations must be indicated with quotation marks and footnotes
– paraphrased material does not need quotation marks but must nonetheless be attributed to the
author in some way, usually by footnotes or by introducing it as such
– e.g. The following summary of Brazilian tax practices relies on Binswanger (1991).

Writing quality: grammar, spelling, writing style
– grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. are always important.

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