Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan Paper

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan
Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Plan

The company you work for does NOT have a disaster recovery plan in place. Your boss has just asked you to put together a presentation that would outline the steps necessary to create such a plan.
Your job is to not only “sell” the idea but provide details regarding the varying threats to the IT data center infrastructure of your company and recommending cloud-based solutions to mitigate those risks. In your presentation, be sure to include definitions of what both business continuity and disaster recovery mean and why they are important to an enterprise. Be sure to also discuss recommendations for including cloud-based backup operations “just in case.”
Be sure to include speaker’s notes with each slide, as well as a references slide. Your slide deck should be between 6-10 slides in length and conform to the Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

Include at least 3 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook.

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