Co-Curricular activity Community Action Service

Co-Curricular activity Community Action Service
Co-Curricular activity Community Action Service

Co-Curricular activity Community Action Service


Full cycle of service action:

Students in groups conceptualize any one community service that benefit others or society. It requires students to conduct a full cycle including:

Identify what community’s needs of the time and tie together with students’ strengths

Plan the activity – take an approval from the course instructor

Plan and conduct interesting activities during your community service

Write a report and provide evidences: reflect on the process and outcomes and how it benefitted the society. What could have been done better?

Ideas or Examples for Community Service:

Helping Special needs Children in schools or universities
Helping Senior Citizens in old age home
Helping Animals and the Environment
Helping the Hungry and/or Homeless
Promoting Community Enhancement

Now that you know what your options are for community service, you can take the following steps to start getting involved:
1. Look over your interests: Which service seem most appealing to you? Were they mostly in one particular category, like special needs children or the environment? If so, that’s a good starting place for choosing specific organizations to contact.
2. Figure out how much time you can devote to community service: Are you available for two hours every week? Are you not free on a regular basis but can volunteer for an entire weekend now and then? Think about transportation as well and how you’ll be able to get to different locations. Knowing this information will help you choose which community service projects to pursue, and its helpful information for volunteer coordinators to know.
3. Do some research to see what projects you can do in your community: You can also contact the place where you’d like to perform your community service, such as a particular animal shelter or nursing home, and ask if they take volunteers.
4. Start volunteering! If you find a service you can start on your own with the help of your group members. If you want to do a project where you’ll need more resources or people, check around your community to see if a similar program already exists that you can join. If not, don’t be afraid to start your own! Many organizations welcome new volunteers and community service projects.

Rationale and Outcomes: (2 Marks)

Thoughtful selection of an organization/service.
Well defined project outcomes.

Creativity in Services: (6 Marks)

How creative and innovative activities you have designed to serve the target community / Service.
Minimum requirement is 6 hours Face to face service.

Evidence: (3 Marks)

Provide Evidences of all the activities of 6 hours that you will spend in your service. It could be pictures, short videos, notes, concrete outcomes etc. (At least provide three evidences)

Reflections on Outcomes: (6 Marks)

Present critical analysis of how you will achieve your learning outcomes.
Explain what are the challenges you faced during your service?
How would you do things differently next time?

Individual Accountability: (3 Marks)

Each member describe his / her role in the entire project and mark the level of contribution on a scale of 1 – 10 (1: Lowest – 10: highest). This page will be signed by all the group members.

Submission Details: Write maximum 1500 words on the above mentioned guideline plus a cover page.

Please use APA style referencing, 12 fonts, 1.5 spaces, Times New Roman etc.

Deadline: February 10, 2019 (To be submitted through Black Board) Only One member from a group will submit the paper in the blackboard.

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