Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer

Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer Communicate to AirWays’ market segment the key benefits that make the company distinct from the competition.

Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer
Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer

In addition, announce the improvements in the delivery of the services by the company. Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer While AirWays has a limited communications budget, the chief marketing officer (CMO) wants to allocate the money in the most effective way.
Write an IMC strategy that includes the following:
•An advertisement featuring the new (improved) services and containing the following elements:
Brand positioning statement (“Airline services with hassle free directions & hands on communication to get you to wherever you need to go efficiently all the time”.)
•A brief identifying and supporting both traditional and nontraditional channels to carry the advertisement
Create your IMC strategy and brief in a 2-page Microsoft Word document. Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer Provide an Introduction, and conclusion in apa formatting.
Two areas of improvement or creation of new services
Two areas that are in need of improvement or new services will be first impressions and the exist process (last impressions). As stated, customers are frustrated at times and are in need of a lot of information. Therefore when they need to receive information to get to where they need to be, the customer need someone who is understanding, patient, as well helpful. Accor. According to the Journal of Marketing (2009), first lead employee’s set the quality for whatever the next contact is that follows and this is a major phase. Therefore, our new or improved process will consist of an employee at the front entrance to greet the customer to gather how we can meet their immediate need through the airport, have someone guide the customer to where they can go to obtain the need, and then have an employee who has enhanced customer service training to meet the client’s needs in a professional manner.
The next improvement will be the last impression phase of the customer service process. This level is just as important as first impressions. Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer At this phase we will have an employee to thank the customer while assisting them with their luggage and hand them a compact quality improvement post marked card to mail us with any suggestions. At this point the airline may never have the opportunity to have a chance to make a last impression again, so we will seize this opportunity for last minute hospitality.
These two services are needed because consumers some times for many reasons cannot understand signs or directions when it is given to them. Therefore, with this new direction, it will guide the customer from the beginning to the end of the process which will get them to wherever they need to be without a hassle or risk missing the airplane they need to be one. Communicate to Airways Chief Marketing Officer The biggest benefit to the customer will be no hassle directions as well as quality hands on communication.

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