Communicating the Social Justice Perspective

Communicating the Social Justice Perspective
Communicating the Social Justice Perspective

Communicating the Social Justice Perspective

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Communicating the Social Justice Perspective

In this program you have explored why and how public health leaders should apply sound business principles in public health practice. Yet with their mission of helping the most vulnerable populations, public health organizations cannot be driven by an exclusively “market justice” perspective, in which the principles of self-interest, individualism, and voluntary behavior are given priority.??For this Discussion, you are asked to consider a scenario in which you, as a public health leader, have the opportunity to articulate the “social justice” perspective of public health to an individual who holds a market-justice position and who also has a lot of influence within the community.??As Heifetz and Linsky (2003) observe in one of your readings this week, “Leadership is an improvisational art. You may be guided by an overarching vision, clear values, and a strategic plan, but what you actually do from moment to moment cannot be scripted. You must respond as events unfold” (p. 45). Nevertheless, to help prepare you improvisational opportunities in the future, think through and “script” what you hope you would do and say in the following scenario. Reflect carefully on how best to influence this individual and what might be gained by explaining the social justice perspective that informs public health


You are the Director of the local public health department. You are at a social event one evening with many political leaders and influential community members. You meet one particularly influential person who is an avowed “market justice” advocate (even if he or she doesn’t use that terminology). You introduce yourself. The person looks puzzled and replies, “Public health, huh? You know, I don’t know much about public health. What are you guys all about? What do you do? What are your values?” How would you respond???


1. What would you tell this person in order to communicate the social justice perspective and values to this market-justice leader in the community?

2. Identify and discuss 2–3 of the principles you learned from this week’s Learning Resources on influencing others and surviving as a leader that you would want to apply in this scenario.


Gostin, L., & Powers, M. (2006). What does social justice require for the public’s health? Public health ethics and policy imperatives. Health Affairs, 25(4), 1053-1060.

This article discusses how social justice and attending to the needs of the disadvantage affect moral aspects of the realm of public health. This article provides examples of the kinds of policies that public health agencies utilizes to manage the field, while shedding light on major public health controversies of the field of study. This article stresses the need for justice and fair disbursement of common advantages and the sharing of common burdens.

Please apply the Application Assignment Rubric when writing the Paper.

I. Paper should demonstrate an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the texts.

II. Paper provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas.

III. Paper should be well organized, uses scholarly tone, follows APA style, uses original writing and proper paraphrasing, contains very few or no writing and/or spelling errors, and is fully consistent with doctoral level writing style.

IV. Paper should be mostly consistent with doctoral level writing style.


Communicating the Social Justice Perspective

Justice refers to fairness in decision making processes and the way people are treated. It emphasizes on equal disbursement of burden and advantages. In health care, social justice is a twin moral concept which involves improving health by focusing needs of the most underprivileged. Social justice is the integral part of ensuring that good health is provided to everyone through identification of patterns of disadvantage individuals whose access to health prospects is limited. Therefore, social justice in public health could be elaborated in two aspects; health improvement of the underprivileged population; and fair treatment to the unfortunate communities. These aspects of social justice are paramount and facilitate richer knowledge of public health care (Gostin &Powers, p.1054, 2006).

The main principles of social justice include; Access– To ensure that equitable health care is provided to all people, health infrastructures must be established. These include proper transportation services, good natural environment and enhanced information environment. These are common hindrances of social justice in public health which must be addressed. Equity- refers to equal distribution of health care advantages and disadvantages. Allocation of public health resources should never be based on market influences, political values or societal stature. Health care plans should be devised while paying attention to the underprivileged in the society. Social justice demands that it is each person’s rights to have equitable dissemination of resources especially during extreme health care emergencies; where the disadvantaged risks for unjust is heightened. Participation: this includes all opportunities expandable in concerns for human health. Social justice demands for not only tangible but also long term commitment by public health system at local, State and government in ensuring that health care is provided to all (Gostin &Powers, p. 1058, 2006).


Gostin, L., & Powers, M. (2006). What does social justice require for the public’s health? Public health ethics and policy imperatives. Health Affairs, 25(4), 1053-1060.

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