Communication Competence Theory Assignment

Communication Competence Theory Assignment Part I. For this part of the assignment, choose one communication theory discussed in class (i.e. influences on non-verbal behavior, communication
competence, etc.).

Communication Competence Theory Assignment
Communication Competence Theory Assignment

Describe the theory in your own words. Use APA citations. (1/2-1 page)
Part II. For this part of the assignment, recall a significant conversation you had in the past. Describe the setting, scene, and context of the situation.
Provide a one-minute transcription of the conversation. (1-2 pages)
Setting: Starbucks
Scene: My best friend and I are exchanging conversation over iced-coffee on a table set-up inside of Starbucks. Light jazz is playing overhead and a few other tables surrounding us are studying or engaging in conversation.
Context: Discussing plans for the weekend.
May: I can’t wait for our trip to Canada this weekend!
Sheena: Me too.
May: It’s been so long since we actually did something spontaneous like this-
Sheena: -yeah, cause you’re so boring.
May: I’m boring? YOU’RE the boring one. Always on Facebook on a Friday night lying
about your status updates.
Sheena: Haha!! Shut up.
May: This weekend you don’t have to lie. (smirks)*
Conversation continues. You may include more than two people if need be.
For Part II of this assignment, please type and double space your responses using 12 point Times New Roman font.
Part III. Using the theory you’ve chosen, analyze your conversation. Why did your conversation partner react the way they did? What was successful in your
conversation and why? What could you have done differently? Reference the theory you have chosen as the foundation for your evaluation. (1-2 pages).

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