Communication in business SOL Assignment

Communication in business SOL
      Communication in business SOL

Communication in business SOL

A Formal Report
Think about a situation where you will need to write a formal report on a topic that is crucial to your work or business. You can write about cultural diversity, children, communication with teenagers, communal service, or any other topic that is relevant to you and your coworkers. In your plan, consider the purpose, the intended use of the report, main questions you wish to address- and your report is intended to answer, resources of information you look at, and so on.

Pay attention to the different sections: – The letter of Transmittal is optional, but it provides a frame of reference where you can express your gratitude and appreciation. It also reminds us that this is, after all, a course and this is your final project… – p. 315-320 should be found in your report as well. This is, in fact, the body of your work. Again, you should specify according to your topic, but the idea is more or less similar. -p.320, the table is optional, yet if it adds to and fits your topic- I recommend. Please note that not every section applies to your topic, but make sure to elaborate wherever you can, exemplify, and support.

Here is a wonderful formal report on a very intriguing and relevant topic: “The Effects of Stress on Business Employees.” Please take a look at the subtopics this report offers: study, scope of study, and review of related literature. It might be relevant also to some of your topics.

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