Compare and Contrast the Following Pairs of Companies

Compare and Contrast the Following Pairs of Companies Choose ONE (and only one) of the following pairs of companies (four pairs of companies in total).

Compare and Contrast the Following Pairs of Companies
Compare and Contrast the Following Pairs of Companies

Study their B-to-C Web sites and write a report (in at least 1200 words) to compare each other and address the pros and cons of each site. 1. AMC Theatres vs. Regal Cinemas 2. Macy’s vs. JC Penney 3. Costco vs. Sam’s Club 4. Expedia vs. Orbitz You need to identify the factors (at least 8 DIFFERENT factors) that are used to evaluate the design quality of the Web sites for E-commerce. For each factor, provide a discussion on comparing the companies’ websites. For each factor, YOU MUST IDENTIFY THE DIFFERENCES between the two websites. At the end of the report (Conclusion), you MUST (1) recommend a site you like at the conclusion. You can ONLY recommend one site. (2) SUGGEST any improvement to the design of the recommended site (Note, your suggestion must focus on the Web site/page design as specific as possible and must use at least 100 words). Suggestion: You may extend your readings to identify the “quality factors”. Use titled sections to address each factor. In addition, you may provide a table/spreadsheet to illustrate the comparison results based on the factors you used in the evaluation. List and cite all references if there is any. There are some websites that you can use to test and measure the performance (speed) of a website. For example, to an external site. testing tool. I strongly suggest that you use such type of tool(s) in your report. Your paper should be in the following format: the introduction of two company/website; The reason(s) of choosing these two sites (less than 100 words). Factor 1: (name your factor) You discussion and analysis Factor 2: (name your factor) Your discussion and analysis Conclusion Reference (if there is any) Include a COVER PAGE listing your name(s), class section and the assignment number. Show total word count.

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