Compare and Contrast the traditional music of India with the traditional music of Korea

Although there is not a word minimum, I will probably need approximately 1,000 words in to deal fully with the topic. The main idea must clear and supported with correct details( facts, examples, etc.) The paper should be well organized and should exhibit correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Although no particular format is required, a bibliography must be included, and quotations must be cited. Since this paper of comparison and contrast, points of similarity and difference must be clearly stated, and no statements should be made that do not contribute to making such a point. Compare and Contrast the traditional Carnatic India music with the traditional Goryea music of Korea. Examine the purpose of music in each of the cultures and the instruments used. Be very specific as to what the instruments are made of, their size and shape, how they are held, whether both men and women play them, etc.

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