Completed Matrix with Narrative Brief Summary

Completed Matrix with Narrative Brief Summary As you complete the work on your matrix, observe how the approaches are similar and different across and down the cells.

Completed Matrix with Narrative Brief Summary
Completed Matrix with Narrative Brief Summary

You will need to draw on those observations as you develop your narrative this week. As you prepare to develop your narrative, it is also important to organize your references so that you can refer back to the original sources. For this Assignment, you will create a brief narrative summarizing what you have learned, citing your sources. This Assignment will be a helpful guide as you read other qualitative studies for your capstone.

Completed Matrix with Narrative Brief Summary Assignment Requirements

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the work that you have done in the last two weeks, making sure that each cell in the matrix is completed.

Create your reference list, including books and methodological articles on each area. You can use the ones listed in the Learning Resources and search for your own as well.

Write a 2- to the 3-page narrative. In your narrative, be sure to respond to the following:

Summarize what you have learned about the similarities and differences among the approaches.

Describe how what you’ve learned by developing the matrix has allowed you to choose the approach that you plan to use for your research plan in this course.

Identify the approach you intend to use for your research question.

Describe your rationale for your choice of approach.

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