Computer Apps Excel Homework

Computer Apps Excel Homework This assignment is for computer apps not time hard but time-consuming. You will need to follow the directions in the eBook which you will access with my login information. YOU MUST send me all completed work not submit yourselves.

Computer Apps Excel Homework
Computer Apps Excel Homework
  1. Excel Module Two Project: Follow the directions for the Excel Module Two Project on pages EX 61-105 in the ebook to create the Excel file. Remember to do each instruction preceded by a red circle. Add your name (RACHELLE ROBINSON) and date in cells A18 and A19. When you complete the document, you will submit it in Canvas by clicking on Submit Excel 2 Project (EX 61-105)

2& 3. SAM projects Excel Module 2 Lab 1a and Excel Module 2 Lab 1b

Follow the Working in SAM directions to complete these projects.

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