Concord Floral Conflict and Resolution Study

Concord Floral Conflict and Resolution Study After reading your script, complete the following tasks.

Concord Floral Conflict and Resolution Study
Concord Floral Conflict and Resolution Study

Be sure that your answers are thorough and in-depth:
1. Provide a brief (1 page) synopsis of the story being sure to identify main characters, important events, and sources of both conflict and resolution
Briefly describe, in a couple sentences, each of the following elements of the story:
Inciting incident
b) Climax
1. Provide an in-depth analysis of the character of your choice. In particular, you should identify:
Age, Family background, etc.
Values & beliefs: what sorts of things are important to the character?
Motivation: what are the desires, hopes and dreams of the character?
Attitude: what characteristics typify the character? What is their general outlook on life? How might this character react to certain situations? Hypotheticals … are creative and interesting if applicable, identify similarities and contrasts with other characters.
2. Describe in brief the COSTUMING and HAIR style for your character.
Observe all aspects of their costume (shirts, pants, socks, shoes, jackets, accessories, etc.) Also pay attention to details like:
Colors & patterns
Fabrics (i.e. flowing vs stiff)
Types of clothing (i.e. vests, bandanas, etc.)
fit (i.e. loose, tight, etc.)
b. Identify the Hair style for the character you are playing.

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