Connecting with Professional Organizations

Connecting with Professional Organizations Read the F. Thomas article, “Impaired or Compromised: Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best“; from Family Therapy Magazine, volume 9, issue 4.
One of the goals of the professional organizations representing therapists is to advance the policies and standards of the practice.

Connecting with Professional Organizations
Connecting with Professional Organizations

At any given time, the AAMFT and the ACA are in the process of planning and promoting many initiatives for new policies and legislation relevant to the field.
Research and examine the current policy initiatives of either the AAMFT or the ACA. You can either conduct your own Internet search for articles and information about these topics, or use the links provided in the Resources below to go to the relevant content on the Legislation and Policy page of the AAMFT Web site, or on the Public Policy page of the ACA Web site.
Note: You will not be able to access content of the AAMFT’s Legislation and Policy page without an AAMFT membership. You are not required to purchase this membership for the purposes of this discussion—but you are strongly encouraged to purchase an AAMFT student membership during this program, and will be required to do so when you begin your fieldwork. It is expected that you will become a member of one of the professional organizations as a professional in this field. Use the ACA’s (open-access) Public Policy page, or the AAMFT Legislation and Policy page as a student member.

Connecting with Professional Organizations Questions and Brief Summary

Select one current ACA or AAMFT initiative to read in depth. Briefly summarize the initiative and answer the following questions:
Do you believe the proposed changes will have an impact on the practice of counseling and/or marriage and family therapy? Why or why not?
Discuss how these proposed changes will be equitably responsive to the unique needs of couples and families.
Response Guidelines
Respond to the posts of at least two of your peers. You are encouraged to ask questions for clarification, respectfully debate points, and present additional information, as applicable. To demonstrate that you have completed your studies for this unit, include at least one relevant reference from the readings. Connecting with Professional Organizations Cite your reference(s) using APA format. Make sure that your responses are also in accordance with any of the established faculty expectations.

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