Consolidation in health care Essay Assignment

Consolidation in health care
Consolidation in health care

Consolidation in health care

Question 1: Consolidation in health care has been increasing for some time and is now quite extensive in many markets. Some of this comes from mergers and acquisitions, but an important part also comes from larger organizations gaining market share from smaller competitors. Please discuss the impact of insurance consolidation, hospital mergers, and the economic impact this has on providers and consumers.

* double-spaced, no larger than 11 font.
* All research must be cited. This can be peer reviewed journal and reputable sources such as Health Affairs, Kaiser Family Foundation, Harvard Press, Beckers Hospital review, etc.
* You may use any citation format that you prefer.
* The paper must be research based papers – this means that you must include data and analysis. There should not be any anecdotal material in your paper.

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