Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan

Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan Introduction
For this assignment, imagine you have been contacted by an agency in your community to provide consultation on how they might improve their services to clients.

Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan
Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan

The agency is concerned that clients with serious counseling issues are “falling between the cracks” when they are referred to others in the community for intensive treatment. Furthermore, the brief aftercare they provide is not accessible enough to sufficiently support clients as they re-integrate into the community.

Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan Using Turnitin

This assignment requires learners to utilize the Turnitin tool. The Turnitin source matching tool is available to learners via the link in the courseroom. Turnitin supports the development of your skills in preparing written coursework. Use your originality report to help ensure that you have used outside sources ethically and effectively.
Note: When you use Turnitin, it is very important that you always submit your work as a draft, so you can make revisions before submitting it as your final work for grading. Submitting an assignment to Turnitin does not submit the work to the course room for evaluation. This must be done separately; look for directions at the end of the assignment instructions.

Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan Instructions

Use the Unit 9 Assignment Template to complete this assignment. Using your studies in Units 7, 8, and 9 as well as ideas you have gathered from your peers in the discussions, address the following in your assignment:
Identify a population with mental health counseling needs as well as other needs, for example:
People experiencing chronic or severe mental illnesses who also experience homelessness.
Children with medical needs who also experience high anxiety.
Elderly individuals who are socially isolated and depressed.
Chemically dependent persons with recurring mental health crises.
Evaluate how the group you identified has been served in the history of clinical mental health counseling.
Describe the agency that is requesting a consultation, specifying where their services are located within the continuum of care available in the community. Briefly outline the services they provide, such as outpatient services, inpatient services, partial hospitalization, or aftercare, and describe the other professionals or entities to whom they can refer clients for coordinated care.
Identify and describe the consultation theory, model, and strategies you would propose use to assist the agency in improving coordinated services for their clients.
Propose a counseling supervision model for the agency that describes roles and strategies for maintaining ethical and consistent client care.
Recommend additional steps professionals at the agency could take to advocate at the state or national level to reduce barriers that impede access, equity, and success for their client population.
Review the Scoring Guide linked in the Resources area to make sure you understand how this assignment will be graded.

Consultation Supervision and Advocacy Plan Additional Requirements

Your paper should meet the following requirements:
Style: Compose your paper to concisely and clearly address each topic, with correct grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Resources: Be sure to cite and reference at least 3 sources correctly in APA style.
Font and Font Size: Times New Roman, 12 points
Length of paper: 3–5 typed, double-spaced pages.

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