Consumer Behavior McDonalds Case Study

Consumer Behavior McDonalds Case Study
Consumer Behavior McDonalds Case Study

Consumer Behavior McDonalds Case Study

Watch the video. Answer the questions below – follow APA formatting rules – integrate concepts from assigned readings (chapters 8, 9, 11):…

Use Link To Answer Following Questions:

Re-positioning McDonald’s

How effective were McDonald’s efforts in addressing the five communications issues posed in Chapter 1 of the text? Explain.

How effective was McDonald’s “What We’re Made Of” campaign in its attempt to change consumers’ perceptions about its menu offering? Was

McDonald’s successful in its re-positioning efforts?
How has McDonald’s tried to change the cognitive component of a consumer’s attitude with its proof points (food facts) on its food packaging?

What role did the ads containing pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables play in altering consumers’ external retrieval cues?

Given that McDonald’s has raised the bar in providing consumers with more product choices through its expanded menu strategy approach, what can competitors do to decrease its effectiveness?

What consumer research could be conducted to help reveal possible opportunities for competitor.

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