Consumption and Production Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

Consumption and Production Subsidies for Fossil Fuels Public Economics: PPT should have a few slides and it will be the summary of the paper.

Consumption and Production Subsidies for Fossil Fuels
Consumption and Production Subsidies for Fossil Fuels

Topic: Consumption and production subsidies for fossil fuels:

What is the global state of consumption and production subsidies for fossil fuels? Are the totals rising or falling? What are the obstacles to eliminating them? Have there been any successes? What has made these successes possible? What proportion of the Paris target for GHG reduction could be accomplished by reducing these subsidies?

Consumption and Production Subsidies for Fossil Fuels Description

Critically review 8-12 academic research papers on a common theme.

Organize the paper with reference to a research question. In other words, what is the problem the researchers are seeking to solve? How have they addressed the question (what methods)? What has been learned so far? What is still unknown? Why is this question important? What suggestions can you make for further research?

Bibliography: After selecting your topic, you should start assembling your bibliography (the papers you are going to discuss).

Reading: You should allocate about one week to read your source papers and make summary notes of each one.

Acceptable bibliographic sources:

Papers published in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Papers from the following institutes are acceptable: C.D. Howe Institute (,

Institute for Research on Public Policy (, Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation (, SPP Research Papers (

Students may propose papers or chapters from other sources, which I will assess on a case-by-case basis. All sources must be of academic quality. Some think tanks, web sources, and books meet this standard; however, many do not.

A chapter from a book is equivalent to one research paper.

The majority of your sources for the paper must be written by economists.


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