Contemporary ethical dilemma Paper

Contemporary ethical dilemma
Contemporary ethical dilemma

Contemporary ethical dilemma

Contemporary ethical dilemma

Conducting preliminary research for a contemporary ethical dilemma found in the business world or a topic in business ethics, which you believe requires a resolution (needs to be solved or improved) and includes a recommendation or solution.
Topic:Discrimination in the workplace
There are several requirements: (1) you must use at least six reputable sources (and not use our textbook as any of the sources. Also, please do not use Wikipedia, as it is not always reviewed for it accuracy.) (2) you must include at least three philosophers or philosophies (i.e. how would Socrates react to this situation or your recommendation?) (3) your solution/recommendation must be supported by a reputable source (i.e. an expert in the field; an article which cites another organization who successfully used your recommendation and found it to be successful). (4) all work not known before you started this assignment must be internally cited (5) must include a Works Cited Section
Suggested Format:
1. Background of Problem or Opportunity- What is the background of the organization or area you are researching? What is the reason you have selected it? Any information describing the organization or topic in detail or what has led you to research this topic should be included in this section, as well.
2. Philosophical Critique: (Include an application of classical philosophies integrated throughout the paper).
3. Recommendation:- What is your solution to this problem or opportunity? Explain in detail how you will resolve the issue or what your recommendation is to improve it (such as creating a code of ethics for an organization which does not have one).
4. Organization/Expert Reaction- How do you know it may be successful? It could be based upon surveys, articles or other reputable secondary sources, or by interviewing someone whose substantive background could support (or not support your recommendation). Please keep in mind, whether your recommendation/resolution is supported or not supported will not affect your grade. Think of your solution as a hypothesis. Also, do not use a “friend” who works for the company that “thinks it may be a good idea,” unless this person has substantial experience in the field/industry/business.
5. Conclusion: Since the background of the problem or opportunity will be part of the introductory section, to finalize this research, have a conclusion. In this section, you can summarize your findings, describe your philosophical justification, the organization reaction and how your organization (or the industry) will benefit from your solution (if applicable).
6. Works Cited Section and Internal Documentation following MLA format or another approved format

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