Conventional approach to treatment of the dying

Conventional approach to treatment of the dying in hospitals
Conventional approach to treatment of the dying in hospitals

Conventional approach to treatment of the dying in hospitals

1. Describe the conventional approach to treatment of the dying in hospitals. Compare this description to an idealized model that could be instituted.

What are the factors or circumstances that are driving up the cost of health care in this country and what can be done about this from the side of all players, government, health insurance companies, medical providers, and consumers?

Evaluate the importance of the patient–caregiver relationship, including the impact of medical paternalism.

Discuss the reasons why professional caregivers may experience stress in caring for the dying. Discuss how caregivers can decrease this stress.

Contrast the roles, types of care, and philosophical differences between hospice and conventional hospital care.

Identify and discuss three challenges for contemporary hospices.

2. Evaluate the roles of autonomy, beneficence, and justice in medical decision-making.

Discuss the i importance of informed consent and the duties it places on caregivers.

Describe how communication skills can help caregivers meet the needs of families of dying patients.

Evaluate the options of care for hopelessly ill patients, attending to ethical considerations.

Identify and summarize the court decisions in the United States that involve physician-assisted suicide (PAS).
Assess each side of the issue of euthanasia and construct a convincing position statement for each.

Half of page for each set of questions.

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