Corporate Portfolio and Performance

Corporate Portfolio and Performance
Corporate Portfolio and Performance

Corporate Portfolio and Performance- (AMD) Advanced Micro Device

Do a financial analysis of the company to evaluate its performance such as its Revenue, Cost, Gross profit margin, ROC, Cash flow and their growth rate over the last 5 or 10 years (preferably broken down into segments e.g. in 10K reports). What do these numbers and growth rates tell you about the current status and future trend for the company? For example, how fast is the company growing? Has the growth rate slowed down?
What does the company’s portfolio of markets/products lines/businesses look like? How much does each contribute to the corporate profitability (to the level you can break it down, e.g. in 10K reports)? As much as you can find, where do you see the position of different products/businesses in its BCG matrix and product lifecycle (S curve), e.g. emerging, growth, mature, decline, etc.? What are the connections and synergies between these products/businesses?
Which product(s)/business(es) are positioned to be the major growth engine driving the company’s future growth? Delve into the business models of KEY product(s)/business(es) to see how powerful and unique are their business models in overpowering competitors and driving revenue, profit, and growth? What are their strengths and weaknesses against competitors in terms of cost, efficiency, brand recognition, etc.?

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