Criminal law Case scenario Essay Paper

Criminal law Case scenario
           Criminal law Case scenario

Criminal law Case scenario

Part One

Rodney and Cassandra were having a drink in the pub. Rodney had been drinking beer since they arrived, but Cassandra was drinking lemonade because she was intending to drive home. Derrick and Raquel saw Rodney and Cassandra at the bar and approached them to say hello. Rodney, however, was not pleased to see Derrick, who had recently lost a lot of Rodney’s money on an investment, so he asked him to “leave or else” and made a gesture of punching his open hand with his fist. Raquel told Rodney to “calm down” and, in response, Cassandra threw her drink of lemonade over Raquel.

Part Two

Derrick became angry, because he had been trying to help Rodney with the investment, and ran towards him. Cassandra, who had left her handbag on the floor, realized that Derrick might fall over it but decided not to tell him and Derrick tripped, fell into a table and was knocked out. Raquel wanted revenge for what Cassandra had done to her, so she punched her in the face and Cassandra fell awkwardly and cut her head open on the bar.

Discuss the criminal liability of Rodney, Cassandra, Derrick and Raquel.

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