Critical Essay Assignment: The Causal Essay

Critical Essay Assignment: The Causal Essay
Critical Essay Assignment: The Causal Essay

Critical Essay Assignment: The Causal Essay

Critical Essay Topics

  • Health Care Reforms, past or present
  • Social Media (i.e. How online friendships are made or how they differ than in real life, effect on marketing or culture, relationship to news, or other options you may check with me about).
  • Topics about cultural diversity or bilingualism
  • Racism or other specific forms of discrimination
  • GMOs or other topics in agriculture
  • Environmental safety practices (such as oil or mining) or environmental pollution
  • Evaluate or analyze an art form
  • A current government policy (besides health care)
  • How the media influences stereotypes, insecurities or commerce
  • The reason behind the design of an American monument or other form of meaningful architecture
  • Physical fitness or wellness
  • A new technological advancement
  • An addiction or disease
  • Gaming
  • Future trends in careers or employment
  • Common Debates

You may write on one of these common debates, but the focus should be on finding a unique point of view that is explained in terms of where it fits among other arguments on the same topic. A few examples of common debates are: gun control, Roe vs. Wade or climate change.

Select a problem and analyze its causes and effects. Make sure that you consider:

  • The immediate and hidden causes of that problem
  • The logical sequence of your argument, your own credibility (establish your credibility)
  • Details that affect that cause
  • Sources that will support your argument
  • A bibliography in MLA format (a work cited page)
  • Any objections or arguments against your points
  • Be sure to consider the needs of your audience.

As noted in M10, historical events are often the subject of causal arguments. In addition to the list of topics available, you may select a historical topic for the causal essay. It is worth noting that you will be continuing with your topic to work on the next critical essay, the proposal essay, as well.

Therefore, it is advised that you pick a subject that you can create a causal essay for and then go on to write a proposal argument about. In some cases, you can request the option to work on two difference subjects for each assignment. Contact me by email to discuss if you wish to choose this option. This assignment meets the course learning objective to be able to describe, analyze and write contemporary arguments.

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