Critical Evaluation of John Duns Scotus’s View


Evaluation of John Duns Scotus's View
Critical Evaluation of John Duns Scotus’s View
Critical Evaluation of John Duns Scotus’s View

Critical Evaluation of John Duns Scotus’s View

2. Why does John Duns Scotus hold that we can be certain with respect to knowledge of our own acts? Give a critical evaluation of his view.
Length: 800 words; do not submit essays that exceed 800 words. Bibliography and title page
do not count towards the word limit (footnotes do). By the way: No separate title page or
bibliography are required: simply put your name, student number, and utoronto email address
on the top of the first page
n? “Is personal criticism required?”: All philosophical writing should exhibit a critical
engagement with the relevant material, i.e. an essay should show that you have weighted for
you the pros and cons of a given position. The criticism is supposed to be personal, insofar as
you are expected to take a stand, i.e. to argue for an opinion.
n? (1) Make sure that your paper is written in acceptable English. Use correct spelling,
punctuation, and grammar. (2) Your references to primary texts should be exact. (3) Aim for
clarity in your writing! (4) Proofread your paper before you turn it in!
n? Submission of papers: Students have to submit your essay electronically via the Blackboard
course website. A submission tool has been created, which you should be able to find under
Course Materials. Submissions will be scanned by turnitin, a plagiarism detection software.
Please see the syllabus for the remark on turnitin! Make sure that you submit your essay to
the right TA.

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