Cultural Reflection Assignment Available

Cultural Reflection
Cultural Reflection

Cultural Reflection

When and where was the event?
Who organized it? Who spoke or took part?
What did you learn from this event that helped you understand the culture and history of our Indigenous people better and how do you feel about the idea that these cultural practices were banned and made illegal at one time in our history and our First Peoples were punished if they took part in them? Network at these events. Talk to people and think about what you hear.

Pow Wows: What were some of the dances and what did you think about the regalia (the dress), the singing and dancing?
Did you visit the craftspeople? Did you buy anything and talk to the artists? What was your overall reflection of this event and how did it help you understand the history and culture even more? Remember dancing, drumming and singing were outlawed in Canada at one time and the culture was taken away. Did you meet anyone who shared their stories with you? Did you take part in a smudging?

Protocol: What they are wearing is not a costume. It is called regalia and the Pow Wow is not about religion. It is about the cultural practice and spirituality and is always very closely connected to the importance of the natural environment, the land. Please read the Protocol for going to a Pow Wow posted below. Also, look at the Protocol information at the bottom of the assignment box.

Cultural talk or workshop: Learn about the smudging posted into Course Information before you go.
The cultural participation mark is worth 20% so make sure you do something early in the semester.

Cultural reflection

This ceremony is spiritual and is a universal ceremony found around the world. It is similar to other cultures in the use of herbs, smoke and ritual cleansing of the spirit. It creates positive energy. It is important however to remember that if you do smudge that no pictures are taken as that is considered inappropriate in aboriginal culture. This is a sacred ceremony and one to be respected.
On site we would have a smudging ceremony about the third week of the semester and every semester all the class has taken part without hesitation and come out of it feeling very calm, peaceful and restored. The medicines are not narcotic or dangerous but simply herbs and wild sweet grass which grows around the country.. One of them is organic tobacco which is not smoked, nor are the sacred medicines but in fact create a smoke that you just wash over yourself to cleanse your soul and create positive energy and call in the spirits of your ancestors. Ancestors are very sacred and treated with great respect in the indigenous community.

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