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Rhetorically Analyzing Op-ed Newspaper 4 different Articles-( op-ed columnists (opinion and editorial columnists) from one of the major reputable newspapers at the bottom of the next page (from the Opinion/Editorial section—not News, Entertainment, or Sports articles, informational features, reviews of products, or blogs). For this assignment, elect an op-ed columnist from one of the major reputable newspapers (from the Opinion/Editorial section—not News, Entertainment, or Sports articles, informational features, reviews of products, or blogs). Print the articles, and put them in a three- ring binder. Each article must be from a different week beginning with this week— August 24-30—and ending the week of September 14-20. If you are accessing them online, ensure that you copy the URL and the date you downloaded the article. If you are cutting from a hard-copy newspaper, write the date of publication on the printed copy. For each article, compile an MLA citation (Works Cited page). Consult Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) for correct formatting. Learn how to copy and paste online articles without getting all the peripheral junk. Look for a Print Option, which will copy only the column. You can cut and paste that copy onto a Word document that you can manipulate to fit the pages of your notebook paper. For each article, you must type a double-spaced commentary. Note the detailed requirements and model that are displayed on the next sheet: ? Mention the author’s full name and the article’s title in your opening sentence. Correctly punctuate the article’s title and the newspaper’s title. ? Have a clear thesis statement, following the format below: In ______________ (article’s title), ______________ (author’s name) shifts from _____________ (tone) to _____________ (tone) by using _______________ (rhetorical devices), _______________ (rhetorical devices), and __________________ (rhetorical devices), proving that _____________________________ (universal idea). ? In your body paragraphs, show how the author illustrates his/her universal idea through the use of the selected adjectives, tone/attitude words, strong verbs, and thorough rhetorical analyses. ? Each response must be a five-paragraph essay. Avoid the “kiss of death.”

NEWSPAPERS: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, London Times


Current events

Different newspapers have op-ed articles on various topics especially on the current events happening in different locations.  Op-ed articles incorporate different aspects and therefore they require authors to be versed with the current news. This paper analyses various op-ed articles by James Bovard from various newspapers on different topics.  The op-ed articles cover duration from August to the last week of 1420 September.

In the article, Bill Clinton’s Body-Snatching Legacy, Bovard explores on the decision of the then American president Bill Clinton to bomb Serbia in the year 1999.  The author uses various styles and rhetoric devices to deliver his message to the readers. The article is mixed with opinions as well as evidence from different sources. The quotes of parties relating to the attack and the events after are well presented. The opening remarks applauds the then US president Clinton for his public recommended on his devotion in championing human rights.  This however, is contrasted with what the European Union task force came up with. The group   claims that the decision to bomb Serbia saw atrocities such as murder; sell of kidney, livers and other body parts increase. During this bombing, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) participated in unlawful abductions, killings illegal detentions, army disappearance, sexual violence, destruction of churches and religious sites among many others.   The article as well incorporates   past information in ensuring that the arguments raised are substantial and credible. For instance,  events in the future such as the erection of Clinton statute in Serbia in 1999 and  the other attacks such as Bush attack on Iraq and Obama attack on Libya helps to  make the argument stronger

The author also uses figures and statistics that indicate indepth research. For instance, he states that in 2003, 70% of the Serbian people that lived in Kosovo in 1999 had already fled. Therefore, Albanian who made up 95% dominated Kosovo. The language and word choice is also good. The author uses simple English to deliver his message. The sentences are mixture of long and short something that makes the article clear and easy to read.

James Bovard. Bill Clinton’s Body-Snatching Legacy, 6 August 2014.Retrieved from

In the article, ‘How the Feds Distort Their ‘Food Insecurity’ Numbers’, Bovard presents an argument of how the federal government distorts the numbers relating to food insecurity. He uses various rhetoric devices with a harsh tone to present his opinions and fact.

He is very categorical and accurate in his arguments. He opens the article by quoting the date that the department of Agriculture released their annual results on the Household Food security in US survey that was done for the year 2013. The argument is strengthened by use of facts and statistics. For instance, he states that the survey indicated that 49 million Americans were food insecure a decrease from 14.5 when compared to the year 2012. Despise these statistics, politicians and pundits use the numbers in a wrongful manner to proof the national hunger crisis.

The democrats are known to have a history of using the surveys statistics in a wrongful way. The author as well uses quotes from prominent personalities such as Obama to develop his arguments. Sourcing information from various sources makes the article appear credible and reliable. Even after elapse of 40 years since declaration war on hunger by President Nixon, it is astounding that no accurate measures have been taken to remedy the situation as millions of Americans continue to lack food.

The article is very clear and professional. The author even though uses simple words and simple sentences, it is organized and easy to read and understand. The tone has remained strong; there is a sense of bitterness and carelessness among the leaders hence the reason why many people continue to suffer. The tones and the themes in the article therefore resonate.

James Bovard. ‘How the Feds Distort Their ‘Food Insecurity’ Numbers’. 19 August, 2014. Retrieved from

In the article, FFF: FDR Farm Folly Lessons for ObamaCare, Bovard blames the political class for falling to take appropriate actions to ensure that the people lead better lives. He uses various rhetorical devices to get his message across. Bovard wants politicians to learn lessons from the ObamaCare and change their way of making decisions. Politicians need to recognize their relent and follies to ensure that they make good decisions.

The author incorporates history in making clarification on the current problems that the people are facing. For instance, he uses Franklin Roosevelt to exemplify how political classes double down on their follies. Farmers are always the most affected, politicians manipulate farm prices just to get the votes. Some of these decisions are reasonable as they disrupt agriculture which impacts on the lives of many people.

The author as well uses a number of authoritative sources of information such as USDA to defend his opinions and views. The language used is simple and the tone is moderate.

James Bovard. FFF: FDR Farm Folly Lessons for ObamaCare. Retrieved from: 24 August, 21014.

In the AmeriCorps at 20 is a wasteful flop: column James Bovard presents a clear argument about the failure of the program using different rhetorical devices such as quotations, questions and history to demonstrate the fact the program has failed.

The article opens with the recent welcome of the AmeriCorps recruits in White House for the 20th anniversary. The program was started in 1994 by the former US president Bill Clinton with the aim of serving the nation. However, over the years, the program has not achieved any substantial achievement. The organization has 75,000 members who continue to receive salary and education benefits for various tasks such as social, education among other projects without any impact on the society. Other government institutions duplicate some of the roles played by the organization.

The author incorporates quotes and information from different sources making the article credible and comprehensive. For instance, in 2003, there was a complaint from the Office of Management and Budget that the organisation gave more emphasis on the time an individual serves as opposed to the impact the entity has on the community.

James Bovard. ‘AmeriCorps at 20 is a wasteful, flop: column’ USA today. Web 12 Sept. 2014. 13.9.2014. < >

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