Data Mining and Cluster Analysis in Business Analytics

Data Mining and Cluster Analysis in Business Analytics You will be required to write 3, 1 page summary/ opinion papers over chapter 9,10,13 (gender, education, race). Combined these papers must be no less than 3 and no more than four pages in length, double spaced, using Times New Roman styles, and no larger than a size 12 font.

Data Mining and Cluster Analysis in Business Analytics
Data Mining and Cluster Analysis in Business Analytics

Each written assignment should include a clear summary and opinion covering the above chapters found in the book Essentials of Sociology ed.12 by James M. Henslin. Information from the assigned reading should be cited appropriately. The balance of each paper should include the incorporation of 1 scholarly article (retrieved from JSTOR only) and 1 news article such as New York Times, CNN, the Savannah Morning News, Ebony, YouTube, etc, to support your opinion over each book chapter. The summary and opinion papers must show that you have read the assigned book chapters and that you can incorporate outside sources into your writing as support your opinion.

Data Mining and Cluster Analysis in Business Analytics Summary

In summation, the written assignment must include summary of each required chapters as listed above in the assigned textbook and your opinion. In addition, you must include 1 scholarly article from JSTOR and 1 article from a popular news media source for each chapter. This means that each chapter summary and opinion must include at least 3 citations and a seperate page including 3 references. YOU MUST ALSO CITE AUTHORS WITHIN THE TEXT. Due to length of the assignment, DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTES WITHIN THE PAPER. Make sure that all reference to your book and other scholarly and news media sources are paraphrased. Combined, your three summaries should consist of no less than 9 total citations within your text and on your reference page.

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