Data Mining or Importing Product Data from Excel

Data Mining or Importing Product Data from Excel Complete the following exercises with Power BI. Import Product Data from Excel Review for practice Make a screen print showing you complete import and data steps using the Excel spreadsheet.

Data Mining or Importing Product Data from Excel
Data Mining or Importing Product Data from Excel

Make 5 screen prints showing you created visualizations. Import Order Data from OData Feed Complete the steps to import an OData Feed into Power BI. Make 3 screen prints of your Data, Queries, and Relationships. Review the relationships between the tables for your analysis. In MS Word, explain the purpose of using OData. You will also need to discuss the Data and Relationship options with this OData model. What tables are connected to the Orders table?. Also, generate at least three new visuals showing valuable information for the measurements and fields. Explain what each of these visualizations represent in at least two paragraphs per output.

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