Decision on Replacement of Your Organizations

Decision on Replacement of Your Organizations As Information Technology/System professionals (IT), you are required to make a decision on the acquisition and/or improvement/replacement of your organizations:

Decision on Replacement of Your Organizations
Decision on Replacement of Your Organizations
  1. Hardware and Software, Network and Telecommunications etc. etc.

Undertake research and prepare a detailed report on the importance, need and justification for this investment and how it will improve the organization’s input and output and also increase its profit margin/production. Convinced the organization of the choice you have made, how and why you think it is necessary and feasible to the organization’s improvement (2-4 pages). It should have the followings: a.

Title and Title Page, b. Introduction, c. Body/Justification or discussion, d. Conclusion and e.


The following should be taken into consideration:

  1. Why is there a need for improvement and/or change
  2. What is the cost benefit to the organization
  3. What are your long and short term goals?
  4. Why should such an amount is invested in the project
  5. Are there any training or retraining involved? How will you do that in order to achieve success?
  6. How much time will it take the organization to see the result of its investment? etc.

In addition to the research paper (3-5pages), you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation of not less than eight (8) slides for presentation. The completed research project and PowerPoint Presentation will be posted on Moodle Course Project appropriate folders on or before

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