Define adaptive reuse Research paper available

Define adaptive reuse
Define adaptive reuse

Define adaptive reuse

Define adaptive reuse

the introduction should be the definition of adaptive reuse, the topic i have to treat and how it can be tested.
the body is the case study ( i already chose the good hotel in london ) i should talk about the past and the present of the building, the history, the changes that occured, tell why its an example of adaptive reuse, compare it with other building that have been reused ( a similar building to good hotel in london is a floating hotel in amsterdam per example)
which tactics where used, which one defines the most the project, what does it say about changes in design, society and culture.
and finally the conclusion that just gonna summarize everything.

also this essay should contain some pictures to support the case study with a clear caption description of the image, figure numbers, and sources.

i tried to write something as a start if its good you can keep it and continue on it

The word’s population has grown over the centuries and this growth has brought
people to think about new ways to optimize their lifestyle. Nowadays,
architects refer to adaptive reuse as a sustainable process to make something
new from an old infrastructure.

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