Defining School Culture and Community

Defining School Culture and Community
     Defining School Culture and Community

Defining School Culture and Community

The intent of this assignment is to critically reflect on the teaching and learning roles students, families, schools, and communities play in creating an effective school culture and community. You are asked to define school–family–community partnerships based on the theoretical and practical perspectives found in the literature and to connect this definition of school culture and community to your own context. What role do you play within the community and what strengths do you bring to the relationship? What strengths do others bring? What are the potential successes and challenges when “brokering” culture between school and community?

Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style of writing and referencing (i.e., APA document formatting with appropriate heading levels, clear, concise, critically reflective and includes citations to support what you write) throughout your paper.

References to be used from the following sources:

Deslandes, R. (2010). Crucial conditions for successful school-family-community partnerships. Retrieved from

Hartman, S. l., Stotts, J., Ottley, J. R., & Miller, R. (2017). School–community partnerships in rural settings: Facilitating positive outcomes for young children who experience maltreatment. Early Childhood Education Journal, 45, 403–410. Retrieved from,cookie,ip,uid&db=ehh&AN=122046940

National Network of Partnership Schools. (n.d.). Epstein model for school, family, and community partnerships. Retrieved from

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