Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity

Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity This assessment is designed to encourage you to develop your understanding of the delivery of sport and physical activity.

Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity
Delivery of Sport and Physical Activity

You will experience a range of pedagogical approaches that should enhance your ability to plan and facilitate high-quality episodes to community groups. The assessment should include 3 parts: A rationale, a session/lesson plan, and risk assessment. Show recognition of a rationale for the event. This must explain clearly the concepts and principles used to plan the session. Communicate clearly and concisely an explanation of the major facets of the event through a lesson plan including establishing appropriate learning outcomes. Demonstrate an awareness of the major organizational factors, including safety considerations, equipment requirements, timings etc A detailed and supported rationale (2000 words)

A lesson plan

A risk assessment

*Make sure you give particular attention to the rationale as this is the aspect which will demonstrate your understanding of this area in most detail. It is not feasible or practical to provide a precise word count for the lesson plan and risk assessment aspects of this assignment, but your rationale should be around 1500 words.

Report format – You are required to articulate your lesson rationale in the 3rd person. Your work needs to be word-processed and you should ensure that you adopt an informed perspective fully supported through appropriate reading. The word limit is 2000 (not including appendices-see above). The plan and risk assessment can be part of the appendices but you need to submit all the material as one document.

The overall presentation should adopt: a report style and layout, demonstrate correct spelling and grammar, using the appropriate system of referencing (criteria which generally apply to University written work).

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