Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper Ï democracy at a cure for capitalism (Richard Wolff)

Ï Capitalism (Paul Bowles)

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper
Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

Ï Naming the system ñ inequality and work in the global economy (Michael d. yates)

Assignment 2: Short EssayóYour Initial Thoughts

Weight: 5% of your final course grade

Length: 300 words

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

Write a short essay on the following questions: What do you know about the economy and economics? What do you expect to learn in this course?

Before writing the essay, you may ponder the following questions. You are not expected to answer this whole list of questions; this would be impossible in a 300-word essay. Thinking about these questions will just give you a framework within which to answer the assignment questions.

O When you hear the word economy, what ideas and associations come to your mind? Do some brainstorming.

O Have you read about or discussed economic issues before taking this course? If so, what was the discussion about, and with whom did you have the discussion?

O Have you already taken an economics course? What do you remember from that course?

O Have you ever talked to an economist before? Did you find him or her convincing?

O Do you pay attention to economic news?

O Do you want this course to challenge the views about economic issues that you are already familiar with?

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

O o you think economics matters? Can it change the ways economies operate?

. If you have any further questions or concerns about plagiarism, consult with your tutor.


The assignments for this course require you to read, analyze, and write. Remember that essay writing is a learned skill, one that is enhanced through practice. The following tips may help you in completing the written assignments for this course:

O It is crucial that you understand the assignment question(s) and that you know what you are being asked to do. Identify the key words in the assignment question (e.g., explain, analyze, describe, evaluate). Try to determine if you are being asked to explain the issue in question, to give your opinion on a topic, to summarize the opinions of others, or to analyze or apply the policy in question. Carefully read and then reread the assignment question. Your written responses will be marked on the basis of how well you answer the question, not on the general knowledge you may display.

O Some of the course assignments may require you to do research beyond the course materials provided. If you are unsure of your researching skills, contact your tutor for help. Refer also to the AU Libraryís web page for information on essay writing and conducting research, as well as the Libraryís online journal database. In addition, you will find some helpful links in Resources: General and Research on the main course page of ECON/LBST 330.

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

O Do not assume that whoever reads your work is an expert in the field or has any background in the subject area. Provide sufficient information so that the reader can easily identify the issues at hand. Do not simply present the factsófocus instead on presenting your analysis and conclusions.

O Formulate your arguments and prepare an outline of the relevant concepts before beginning to writeóthis will help you develop a coherent structure. Always support your responses with evidence presented in published articles, books, statutes, policies, or other documentation. Include examples from your own experience as appropriate. However, be wary of the information found on less reputable Internet sites. If you are arguing either for or against a position, provide comprehensive reasons for your position.

O Practice intellectual honesty. All direct quotes (quotations of any number of words from the original) and indirect quotes (paraphrased ideas) must be acknowledged, including material taken from the Study Guide or other course materials. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism (see Academic Misconduct Policy). Be certain that whenever you cite a primary or secondary source in your assignments that you reference your source in a proper, consistent, and logical manner. Refer to the Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources page for more information on citing sources.

O Revise and rewrite. After finishing your first draft, read it through carefully. Many people find it helpful to put an essay away for a day or two, come back to it fresh, and then examine it objectively, looking for errors, omissions, contradictions, anomalies, weaknesses in arguments, lack of references, inadequacies in developing theme(s), awkwardness, or any other defects.

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper

O Considering submitting your essay or assignment to the AU Write Site for review before submitting it to your tutor.

O Remember that quality is the hallmark of a good piece of writing, not the number of words.

O Review the Athabasca University Academic Misconduct Policy before you begin writing.

O Ensure that you make or keep a copy of each assignment for your records.

O To submit an assignment, click on the appropriate Assignment link on the main course page and follow the directions for completing and submitting your assignment. All assignments are marked within five business days of their receipt. Your graded assignment will be returned to you via the same Assignment link. When you receive it, review the comments made, and if necessary, contact your tutor to discuss the assignment results.

Grading Criteria for Written Assignments

The primary criteria that will be used to evaluate your essays/assignment responses are as follows:

O Relevance: Does the essay/answer pertain to the assigned topic?

O Definition and precision of terms: Have the meanings of the terms used been clearly stated, and have these terms been used consistently throughout the assignment?

O Use of evidence: Have the arguments presented been supported with evidence from reliable sources?

O Accuracy of information: Have facts rather than opinions been presented?

O Logical consistency: Are the conclusions reached logical and supported by facts?

O Policy analysis: Have the policies from the relevant sources pertaining to the issues raised in the assigned topic been correctly applied?

If necessary, your tutor will also correct and comment on your grammar and spelling. (You may submit your essays to the AU Write Site prior to submitting them to your tutor for help in these two areas.) However, the recommendations made in these areas are generally intended to help you improve your writing skills. Assignment grades are substantially based on the content of your work.

Resources: General and Research (this is included for optional research and references)

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper Research Resources

Statistics Canada

Economics/Labour Studies 330 distinguishes theoretically between mainstream and radical perspectives. In a similar manner, the following items have been categorized as either business-friendly or labour-friendly resources. This distinction is important because the empirical base for economic research taken by data-collection agencies and economic researchers is not neutral. Unfortunately, neither data nor the sciences are ever truly neutral; the researchersí own theoretical and ideological predispositions always allow a few grains of subjectivity to sneak into their work. Although it is not possible to achieve complete objectivity in researching either the social or the natural sciences, scholars should always strive to be objective.

Labour-Friendly Resources     Business-Friendly Resources

Domestic Organizations

Canadian Labour Congress

The Canadian Labour Congress is the largest union federation in Canada. The website offers information on CLC activities, its organizational structure, and a wide range of policy statements concerning union activity.    The Conference Board of Canada

Free-market advocates engaged in advocating neoliberal policies, training, and connecting business leaders.

Canadian Council of Chief Executives

An organization of top movers and shakers involved in strategizing and behind-the-scenes advocacy.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The main representation of Canadaís business community.

Think Tanks

Democracy at a Cure for Capitalism Essay Paper Council of Canadians

Canadaís largest nongovernmental organization; it has been instrumental in instituting many popular movements against neoliberal policies.      Fraser Institute

The originators of the neoliberal mainstream in Canada and beyond; articles on almost any economic issue are available for download.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Presents research against the neoliberal current, mostly from a Keynesian perspective; articles on almost any economic issue are available for download.   C. D. Howe Institute

A neoliberal brain trust with strong ties to the business community.

International Organizations

International Labour Organization

The worldís largest organization advocating for labour rights. It maintains the most comprehensive collection of international data on labour issues. The website offers many policy papers and statistics.    World Trade Organization

The WTO sets and monitors the rules of international trade and investment flows. The website provides briefings and trade data on all of the member countries.

International Trade Union Confederation

The ITUC coordinates union activities internationally and is a labour advocate on the international level.            Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

The OECD is a highly influential policy formulation organization for the governments of rich countries. Access to their data is very limited.

International Monetary Fund

The international lender of last resort and enforcer of global neoliberalism. The World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability Report keep people up to date on the state of the world economy.


Labor Net

Offers grassroots information from labour activists for labour activists from many different countries.      The Economist

A well-written weekly with a global outlook; it has been advocating liberal ideas since 1843.

Labour Start

A collection of labour news from various newspapers and television and radio stations around the world. Updated daily.   Globe and Mail

A daily newspaper printed in Toronto and distributed across Canada.

Monthly Review

Offers leftist politics from a radical perspective; although it is based in the United States, it has a global focus.            National Post

Founded in 1998, this newspaper is distributed Monday through Saturday in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia and on weekends only in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


A left-of-centre commentary on Canadian and international politics.

Socialist Project

Offers background articles and discussions from a socialist perspective.

The Tyee

A BC-based Internet daily with a strong focus on union issues.

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