Deontological Ethics Assignment Paper

Deontological Ethics
             Deontological Ethics

Deontological Ethics

Summarize the lecture notes and apply them to a “real” life situation happening in the news. Provide the news article in your summary.

Lecture 13: The Philosophy of Deontology

1. Deontological Ethics – a philosophy that relies on duties and principles as bases for making ethical decisions also so called deontology

2. Deontological Ethics is a branch of ethical study that asserts that ethical choices arise from personal allegiance to principles that are relatively unchanging and on-going.

3. Immanuel Kant is a noted German Philosopher of the 18th century known for the principle of the “categorical imperative”. Kantians hold that moral laws are often internalized in the human conscience, providing access to ethical principles

4. The Categorical Imperative is the principle that an ethical decision applied to one person should be able to be applied equally to everyone, with few exceptions.

5. Additionally people should not be treated as means to an end. This suggests that a fundamental decision made about one member of a group ought to be “universalizable”. Nor should people decide moral questions on the bases of convenience or self-interest.

6. “Universalizable” means that the guiding principle is to be applied equally to all members of society.

7. Any deviations from this would need to be established as exceptions

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